Final Blog

It’s finally the end of trimester 2. I can finally relax(after I hand in level design) and maybe play some games without having to worry about assignments. To end my series of blogging I would like to reflect back on this trimester and see what went right and what went wrong and how I’ve improved as a game developer.

The start of the trimester I was very excited to see what my assignments were going to be like especially for this unit as it was really what I wanted to do which is just make games and not worry about theory stuff. Jumped into my assignment not knowing what game I’m going to make but as we went through workshops I got an idea for my game and it turned out really good. Gameplay could be a bit buggy but the overall feel of the game I really liked, did a lot of stuff in the game that I was proud of and got a good mark for it.

After the first assignment was done I went back to Malaysia for the study break to attend a wedding. After coming back I was really into the holiday mood so I slacked of work for a bit. Didn’t really progress much on my next assignment through the weeks we were meant to do it. But I did get the game done on time but I was not proud of it at all. A lot of reused assets and no effort was put into. At this point in time I haven’t got my marks back but I don’t expect high marks for it honestly.

Overall this trimester was a great learning experience I’ve learnt a lot new ways to do different things not only in this unit but all my other units and I’m hoping I passed some of the units that I had trouble in so I can do studio units next trimester.

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Finally Completing Simple TD

I finally completed the game this week and handed it on time. One of the biggest changes from last week was from my game is that I decided to remove upgrading as it took too much time.

The wave spawning uses a different technique now. Instead of IEnumerator I started using Invoke Repeating which made it a lot more efficient. The game isn’t great hence the name Simple Tower Defense. I’m not exactly proud of it as it had to be rushed in order for me to hand in an assignment for GAM112. But most of the main mechanics in the game work. You can build your turrets, theres a total of 10 waves, there are two types of turrets, one that freezes and one that damages and the wave spawn perfectly. There is one error that always came up which I’m not sure how I could fix it but it’s basically an IEnumerator that runs even after an enemy dies so an error always pops up for it but other then that the game has very little bugs.

After completing the game I had to write a report/post mortem just to show what went right and what went wrong and list some of the features of my game and then I handed in my game. I’m looking forward to the end of the trimester after so I could just relax but still have one more week next week.


More Progress On Tower Defense

It is now week 11 of the term and decided to stop being lazy and start doing more work on my tower defense game. My tower defense game has not had any progress at all until this week. This week I decided to make the building half and upgrading half of the game. It took me awhile to figure out how I would make the building half but Jacob suggested that I should just make build able areas where I can build. So I started working on that and got it to work but it was really buggy.

As soon as I got the build able area I had to get the waves working. I’ve decided to make it a really bad lazy way by using IEnumerator to spawn waves over time. I already see a lot of problems with this already but it works for now.

I recently got a part time job so now I’m trying to balance the part time work with class work which is alright at the moment and I think I’ll still be able to hand in all my work.

Simple TD Read Me.jpg

No Progress :(

It’s been a week but I’ve been very distracted with other assignments that I left this assignment aside so very little change was made. After forgetting to update the game files on my google drive I made a really bad looking turret in class just to figure out a way where I could rotate my gun towards the enemy and I figured it out. After that I went home and put it into there and left the project alone for the rest of the week and did nothing else to it…

-End of Blog(Apologize for short blog and being lazy)

I know what to make now!!

After a week on figuring out what I was going to make I found out that tower defense is something that we could make as it took turns to build turrets and AI is simple as it simply moves from point A to point B which could be easily done with NavMesh. But I still have no idea how I was going to spawn my enemies and how I would have my difficulty increase over time as more waves enter.

Once I kind of knew what I was going to make I quickly worked on it. I quickly modeled out my level and setup NavMesh for some test AI enemy. It worked great, just the way I wanted it to work. I also modeled out a turret but so far it does nothing. After sorting that out I took a break and worked on other assignments throughout the week so currently it’s just that as it is.


-End of Blog

Back from Holidays

I’m finally back from holidays and had to jump straight back into assignments. As I mentioned last week this next assignment was really interesting and I looked forward to start it.

During the lesson Jacob went over what we had to do and it was basically make a turn based game meaning that there shouldn’t be any physics used to move characters etc. Another thing that we needed to do since it was a turn based game, we needed to make AI. Since AI was kind of new to us we covered NavMesh.

NavMesh was pretty interesting so I played around with it for quite a bit and thought that maybe I might work on a grid based turn based game but I have no idea what direction I was going with that. It took me awhile but so far I got the grid based system to work fairly well. It has a range on if certain blocks can be reached and blocks that you can’t reach. The ones that can be reached makes it so that if player clicks on it it’ll move to that square.

So far that’s all I have and I’m starting to lose confidence on what I would want to make at the moment.


-End of Blog

On Holiday

I’m currently still overseas in Malaysia for the study break attending my cousins wedding. So I didn’t really do much work on the assignment as I didn’t need to. But I looked over the brief on what would be my next assignment and it sounds pretty interesting and I’m looking forward to going back and starting on the assignment.

-Sorry for another short blog nothing really happened again. End of Blog

Getting ready for holiday

Before I continue as usual a quick brief. I finished my work and handed it in after some play testing. Got some positive comments on the game so I was feeling pretty confident.

This week I didn’t show up to class as I had to prepare to go overseas to attend my cousins wedding and since I’ve already handed in my work I mainly worked on other assignment that needed to be handed in that week since it was a week before our study break. But since I had good comments I did a quick checkup on if I handed in the right files and made sure that the builds worked on both Windows and Mac OS. After checking I left it I’m hopping I did alright for it.

-Sorry for short blog but nothing much happened. End of Blog